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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Leo (aka Prince)

Leo (aka Prince) is crazy!!!
He has sooo, sooo much energy!!
More than your average kitten!!

So he was in his own room for a few days. Then we started the introductions to Phinny. Phinny hissed and growled big time for a couple of days, Leo just walked right by him, like it never happened. The first time he did that, I just looked and John and said "DID YOU SEE THAT!".  But....the first night, Phinny was hissing and growling like crazy and Leo just walked around the house, got the lay of the land, and all of a sudden started RUNNING LAPS around the whole house. Oh my goodness!! We walked behind them and followed them for the first hour to be sure no one got hurt. But this cat is so fast even when he's walking, that we realized there is no way Phinny could even catch him even if he wanted to hurt him. Phinny did NOT like the idea of Leo at first but it hasn't been that long at all. It's only been a week. But he's starting to adjust to the fact that Leo is here to stay.

 Leo is living up to his breed write up. He is light as a feather and can jump really high and DOES. He jumps onto everything. John said the mail and papers and other things were all knocked off the dining room table onto the floor the other morning.And he shredded the paper towels I had for clean ups upstairs. I saw him jump up onto the dvd cabinet and almost knock down my china cat and candle sticks.When I came home the other night, things were shuffled around on my dresser, he had been up there and his bag of dry food which was on a very high cabinet was knocked over onto the floor. I now have it in a sealed Tupperware container which is on the floor every day but not opened. LOL!! Last night we saw that he completely shredded the toilet paper in my bathroom. We have to remember to keep the bathroom doors closed now. I don’t even want to see what happens if he discovers toiletwater.   J  He just walked across my keyboard. I'm telling you, he is into everything I mean EVERYTHING. He jumps up on us and walks across slowly to get a couple of pets but then keeps on moving. This cat is going to make us much neater and I think a little younger. And it can't hurt Phinny either.
I can’t be happier about that.

So you know, I am laughing the whole time I am writing this. This cat is staying! He is just so much more cat than we ever knew we were getting. And it’s making us laugh.    

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