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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tiger and Mokey (a.k.a Catapult and Io)


Tiger and Mokey, who are now named Catapult and Io. Catapult and Io took a bit of time to get used to their new surroundings, us, and even each other, but after about a week they were playing, chasing, snuggling and being normal kittens.
We want to say thank you to you guys at protectors of animals, for doing everything you do! We did find the video of young Tiger before he had his one leg surgery, and we are truly so grateful that he was able to get the proper care and treatment thanks to you and such awesome donors.  It makes us so happy to see him chasing toys around and even chasing his sister around - a perfectly healthy cat!
The socialization work you guys did with Mokey has given her a confidence and curiosity that we just adore.
We are truly so happy to have Catapult and Io in our family.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mim (a.k.a Samantha)

Samantha is doing great, we've re-named her Mim like the witch from the movie The Sword in the Stone. She immediately took to everyone at our house, it took them about a week to get used to her but now they all play and she and our other cat Beau are inseparable

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sylvie (a.k.a Skye)

Skye (we call her Sylvie now) is doing great. She seems to be very happy and healthy. She loves people and always wants to be by my side. She isn't shy or afraid of anything! She has been a great friend and addition to the family, and I am grateful to the POA and Martha for being so accommodating in helping us arrange to pick her up on a holiday. Martha also gave us some toys and a cat bed and some medicine--making things a lot easier for us. Sylvie is a doll and always doing something cute so I have lots of pictures to share.


Zoey is still in her private room. She hid for 48 hrs, but since then we have slowly progressed to where she lets me pick her up and stays on my lap for over an hour. She loves to be patted and scratched. Now she is even purring. She is eating and drinking well. We are happy! Sorry, don't know how to add a picture, but imagine her stretched out on my lap... And head butting.

Ciopino (a.k.a Bogey)

Bogey now Ciopino has settled in to his new forever home. He likes to sit at my desk with me as I work. He is getting along with both Tobey & Nabu, has a voracious appetite, and he’s even started playing “tag” with Tobey. He’s a good boy, I am glad he adopted us.


I adopted Oliver a few weeks ago and am proud to say he is adjusting great.

Jade (a.k.a Jonathan)

Jonathan now Jade, our new furry son, is doing quite well.  He is cuddling us, playing, and trying hard to make friends with our 10 year old Tortie who at this time still hates the sight of him. He runs after her and she will hiss, spit and growl. I now know where the term hissy fit came from!  We love Jade and he is transitioning to raw food easily.  I fed my other cats ground turkey or chicken with bone meal and they were quite healthy on it. Jade e is happy and well loved.

Lucky (a.k.a Loki)

The addition of Lucky now Loki to our family was a bit over a month ago. He has brightened up our home and cuddled his way into our hearts. He is doing well and spends his day playing and getting spoiled by our love. 

Kumari (a.k.a Tasha)

I have renamed Tasha, Kumari which is princess. She was exactly what I was looking for in a forever  friend.  She has many places in the house to explore. When she decides to rest she will find some out of the way place to lay her head or she will sit in front of the glass door and soak up the sun,  She loves to play with all her new toys and uses her scratch box and post often.


It's been a week with our dear Watson and it's going great!!! He has made friends with my puppies, going as far as actually playing with them! He teases them something fierce as well!! He will get cuddly with me on his terms, and I'm good with that! He loves being held and buries his head in my neck when held. He has settled in so nicely, and is such a perfect fit for our family! We love him loads!


As soon as we got Clooney home we opened up his carrier and he came out immediately.  He took a quick tour of the living room and then perched himself on a chair.  Our kids were really good about giving him his space. Our two other cats came out to see what was happening.  Bootoo was a little hesitant but Clancy stood up on his hind legs and gave Clooney kisses as to say "I'm so glad that you are here" and Clooney started to purr.I woke up around 3 a.m. and Clooney had come upstairs and was sitting in the doorway of our bedroom. He hopped up on the bed and slept with us for the rest of the night (while Clancy sat on the end of the bed and stared at him.)
When I left for work this morning, he was reclining on my bed with the mouse that you sent home in his goody bag.  We plan on slowly introducing Clooney to our dogs in the next few days. He shows no signs of fear when he hears them bark so I think that is a good sign.We are in love with our new boy!

2nd update - Clooney is great!  He has full run of our house but he mostly stays on the second floor. He sleeps every night on the top bunk with our son, Rylan. We introduced him to the dogs last weekend and they didn't phase him one bit.  He plays hide and go seek with our cairn terrier and he rubs against our german shepherds! He seems to like the dogs a little more than our cats. The cats all get along but he doesn't play with them like he does with the dogs. He is loving to me if nobody else is around. I am mainly the one who feeds him but he seems to favor my husband Michael and our 9 year old son, Rylan. Clooney sleeps on top of Rylan every night! He was sleeping on his bunk bed when I left for work this morning. He spends a lot of time in the boy's bedroom. He will tolerate our other son and daughter but he doesn't seek them out. Our daughter's feelings were hurt at first because she couldn't understand why he wouldn't want to be with her but she knows that every kitty is different and this is just Clooney's way. 


Today marks one full week Butterscotch has come home. We have come to call her Boo. If we had to use one word to describe the experience, it would be "awesome".  She is the most loving creature I have ever come across, whenever she comes into a room, she just has to see you and  she starts talking, she always has a lot to say.  The first two days she stayed in the closet coming out every couple of hours for some pets. I think she was checking to make sure we were still here. She is spending more and more time with us, playing and being a goofball. She has even taken to chasing her own tail!
Her favorite spot is sitting on the radiator or bookcase looking out the window talking to anything that crosses her path. She is pure joy.