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Friday, July 22, 2016


King is quite the bratty little cat :D.  He nibbles exposed toes, and if he is in playful mood - watch out!  It's been years since we have had a young cat in the house.  He seemingly loves to play with my toddler.  Nathan shakes the fishing toy for him, and he loves to attack it.  But like a typical 2 year old, Nathan forgets they are playing and walks off dragging the toy, and the game continues.  When I work from home he spends the day curled up under my desk.  If everyone leaves the house, he sleeps on the doormat waiting for us to come home.  We have learned to open the door really slowly upon coming home.  He has found his own sleeping spots, and honestly, is just like any other cat.  My existing cats fully ignored him for a bit, but now they eat side by side with no issues.  Although sometimes he will randomly swat at them.  I think he wants to play with them. My guys are so lazy they just look perplexed and walk away.  He is seemingly happy here.  

On my older son's chair. The green below him would be my younger boy's stuffed turtle binky.  He found it unattended on the floor and stole it!