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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I'm currently studying on the floor in Louie's room. At first Louie was at a distance, but after a short while he slowly got closer and climbed into the cat bed Jon and I made him. It makes me really happy that he's comfortable enough already to take a nap with me only a few feet away.


Watson has been home for a day and I just wanted to share that he's doing better than I imagined! He's inspected every inch of the house, and when the dogs bother him too much, he gives a growl and swat with a paw and they back off. He's not afraid of a thing! He's even purred while being pet! He seems to be a perfect fit for our family!


Mack loves his new home and his people. Came right out of the carrier and wanted to explore. He spent the night relaxing on the couch between my parents watching tv with them and jumped right up in bed with them when they went to sleep. He has made himself right at home with them. A big THANK YOU to all the volunteers at POA!!!