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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Delilah (a.k.a. Beans)

Delilah, formerly named Beans,  has been with us for just over a month now and absolutely loves her new home. Her favorite thing to do is sit on the perch of her cat condo and watch and talk to the birds. She also loves to snuggle. She is very playful and always full of energy. We have a 5 year old goldendoodle Sampson and they are becoming friends and enjoy spending time with each other.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Just thought you'd like to know that at a bit over two weeks in, Ave is mostly settled! She is currently roaming the house. She even gives us a few little meows to announce when she's entering the room. She comes over if we call her for pets and purrs very loudly. She loves to headbutt our hands and rub on our legs. She hops up onto the couch with us from time to time, as well. Oh, and she LOVES belly rubs!
She's still a bit shy and will leave the room pretty quickly of you make loud noises or move too fast - but she always comes back in a few minutes.
As far as our dog goes, things are going well there too! They aren't exactly best friends yet, but introducing them went very smoothly. They are easily in the same room together with no problems from either of them. Ave is still very curious about Kimber and will stalk her from time to time

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hi!  This is Monte and Maya!  We’re writing to you just after our first birthday.  Maya wanted to type this, but I won the mouse toss.  Besides, her spelling is bad!

We just turned one a few days ago.  New Mommy let us have a tiny little bit of ice cream to celebrate.  Now we consider it our right to have ice cream every night so we beg her for it.  So far it’s only working part of the time – we will be persistent and train her eventually.

New Mommy is pretty nice.  I like her a lot.  Maya is still deciding.  I tried to convince her, but so far she’ll only sniff a finger or a toe, then run away.  You can see her picture where she’s under the chair – she feels safe there.  New Mommy doesn’t try to make her leave – she will come out in her own time.  Maya will come out to play games with New Mommy or get ice cream, and of course at breakfast and supper times when the food is being prepared!  We LOVE food!  We can’t get enough of it, so New Mommy can’t leave any around.  There’s 2 machines that give us dry food twice a day – I’m always hungry way before the machine goes off, so I bug New Mommy pretty loudly to remind her it’s almost time to eat.  She tells me it’s not time yet, but I don’t wear a watch, so what do I know, so I keep reminding her.  I just know what my tummy tells me!  Then New Mommy gives us wet food that is soooo yummy!  Maya and I have gotten pretty big.  I’m 11.5 lbs and Maya is just under 10 lbs.  New Mommy is trying to make sure we don’t get too big!
Oh, I like New Mommy pretty good.  See me on her lap?  I’m pretty comfortable there and spend my time there when I’m not eating.  Or playing with mousies – New Mommy gave us a lot of mousies and a tall tree perch to scratch and sit on and lots of covered beds to nap in.  Of course our favorite place is where we she doesn’t want us to be – the kitchen sink.  New Mommy tells me to get out of the sink every night!  You’d think she’d have learned by now – I’m still training her.

Oh, and she’s taken up something called cro-shay-ing…  I don’t know what it is, but all of a sudden there was a comfy blanket!  See it in the picture with both of us?  There’s lots of yarn around sometimes, but we’re not allowed to play with it.  We snuck some once and threw up pretty bad – now she hides it better.  Too bad – it was fun.  New Mommy tries to distract us from the yarn with the Rainbow Cat Dancer toy – still Maya’s favorite.  I like it, too, but Maya hogs it.  She lays on her back and tries to swat it in the air.

Anyway, we just wanted to write and say thank you for saving us and thank you for New Mommy.  We hope you are doing well and maybe one day we’ll come to visit you!

Monte and Maya