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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Smudge is adjusting very well to her new home. She has a very healthy appetite, loves to play and is always affectionate. She really has the sweetest personality. 


Leena is settling in and enjoying some (supervised) bird watching in the fresh air. She found her forever home with us.

Tippy Toes

Tippy Toes is an awsome cat.  He is so sweet and loving.  He likes to cuddle and boy does he like to purr. He and Buster  get along very well.  Buster is a 13 year old ginger cat and Tippy Toes loves to jump over him and cuddle with him.  Tippy Toes also likes bird watching out the guest bedroom and kitchen windows which are both level with a tree that the birds love to congregate in.  The first week he was with me Tippy Toes took all the wand toys and placed them on my bed where he sleeps.  He loves toys and has a basket full of them. 


Phantom has brought SO much joy to our house! His comedic antics keep us laughing all the time. He spends a good deal of time during the day watching the birds that come to the feeder outside our kitchen window. He has also adopted a corner of the sofa as his favorite sleeping place. We love him!!!


Nemo is doing great, he eats well and has moved in quite comfortably.


Watson is doing EXCELLENT! He basically rules the house, always putting his two puppy siblings in their place if they get out of hand! Recently we adopted a 8 week old calico kitten and she thinks Watson is the best big brother! Watson has accepted her into our home well, today we caught the two snuggling and he was washing her! He truly is a special boy, and while not overly affectionate, he is perfect for us! And he has done a fine job of mousing, he got 7 in a two week period!


Kittles is doing wonderful. She made herself at home instantly, and the whole family loves her. We have friends come over just to play with her, she's very playful and spends the day running around and loves being around people. 


Poppy is adapting well to his new home.


Nero is doing just fine.  Within a day of being here he found the couch, so now one end is his with his bed.  Licorice is a pest to him but overall they are getting along.  I’d say he was depressed for a little while, but recently seems to have perked up and comes to me when I feed him. His foster mother and I are in contact and she sent some little homemade catnip presents, which was very sweet.

Scout a.k.a Susie

Susie now named Scout is doing well and was not shy at all once she got home! She is quite feisty but also very sweet. 


When Helga came out of the carrier she was not afraid at all and spent some time exploring. She checked out her new litter box and came running when she heard the can of food pop open. Afterwards she washed up and then the neatest thing: she went up to me with her tail high and stared up at him to let him know she was happy.

Maddie formerly Blossom

Blossom (now Maddie) is doing great! She’s wonderful company for me (as I work out of my home) and her playfulness keeps us entertained every day. She’s been spoiled with lots of toys and her own huge cat tower – she rules the roost! 

Fuzziwig a.k.a Reily

Reilly was totally petrified of everyone and any movement when we first brought him home. Things slowly progressed and within the past month he's decided he's head over heals for us and just can't seem to get enough love. He is now named Fuzziwig, a character from Dickens A Christmas Carol, as he was adopted in December, he's jolly and round, and he kneads the floor when you pet him making him look like he's doing a dance.  He also gets along great with his two brothers Stubby (also via POA) and Mr. Kitka.


It has been three weeks since we brought Jeremy home, he is settling in and finding his way here.  He is definitely still a scaredy cat, but is making progress every day! 

Dante, Artie and Coco

Dante has the guts and gumption of a true champion. He has adjusted remarkably fast. He roams the house incessantly. We are amazed at how much he “chirps”, and in love with the way he comes up on your chest for affection, brushing up against your face and kissing/licking us all over. He stares out the windows at great length, to study the woodpeckers and bright red cardinals at their feeders. He is a kook, and we love him for it.
Artie is adjusting much slower but we know that some cats just adapt slower. He has not explored the actual living spaces much, and chooses to hide out in the basement. We brought him back upstairs into our bedroom last night so he could sleep with us. He did come out from under the bed and join me about midnight, and he was very happy to receive gentle pets and loving soft words. He roamed the bedroom, used his box, and even ate dry food.
They are both VERY freaked out by the mirror on our dresser and the full mirror on the back of our bedroom door. As soon as Artie saw this in the morning, he reverted back to heavy duty fear. We let him back out to visit the rest of the house, and Dante stayed by his side every second. This time, he did explore the living area a bit. Then trooped downstairs to assume his position tucked and safe. Sigh. We are in high hopes that he will slowly begin to explore, most likely tonight when it is dark. Dante is missing his buddy, but knows where he is and I think is being quite patient with him.
As far as our senior female cat Cocoa, she is doing well.  It is clear that the trick with Dante is being vocal. When he comes on strong, or gets directly in her face, he refuses to back down unless she growls. Then he instantly backs off to study her.
She is not interacting with him much at this point, but her eyes are no longer dilated in fear, and she even attempts to play with her own crunchy balls after watching him play with his. She only growls when he comes within a foot of her, otherwise, she just watches him with curiosity. I suspect, if things continue at this pace (with Artie coming back upstairs to enjoy his new world) that she will be a bit grumpy for 3 -4 weeks, and then she’ll relax.