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Sunday, March 26, 2017


About two months ago I adopted a two year old cat, Uno. I knew that he was friendly from the moment I met him, but never realized what a companion he would turn into for me. He just loves me so much and constantly has to be with me. He's very affectionate. I love that's he's two because he is still very playful and has a lot of energy just like a kitten! He is very happy in his new home and is constantly purring. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Nugget is super happy and growing big already. He loves his red box


Ashe is doing really well! Playful, cuddly and cute! Tiniest meow and loves belly rubs! Best cat ever!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sky (formerly Hannah)

Sky (formerly Hannah) has settled in nicely. She seems to enjoy her two human sisters and cat brother. Here she is with with her new brother Happy (formerly Matty, also adopted from POA). 

Leah (a.k.a Francis)

Hi there!
My parents have been so busy! We are moving out of our apartment soon into our new house! I have been doing so well. I am very well behaved, although I require lots of attention :) my parents love me very much, and they always tell me how happy they are to have been able to adopt me! My favorite part of the day is snuggling with my dad I also love when mom works from home. I get to play with her papers and hangout with her all day
Love Leah (formerly known as Francis)


It's official , Lani found her furever home



Just wanted to share a picture of some of Elsa's cutest moments at her forever home.
She is adjusting well and is a very sweet girl. She will eat the whole bag of treats given the opportunity...
She likes to follow us from place to place and has cried when one of us goes outside and she can't follow.
Other than that, she is comfortable and at ease most of the time.  We are happy to have found her.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Delilah (a.k.a. Beans)

Delilah, formerly named Beans,  has been with us for just over a month now and absolutely loves her new home. Her favorite thing to do is sit on the perch of her cat condo and watch and talk to the birds. She also loves to snuggle. She is very playful and always full of energy. We have a 5 year old goldendoodle Sampson and they are becoming friends and enjoy spending time with each other.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Just thought you'd like to know that at a bit over two weeks in, Ave is mostly settled! She is currently roaming the house. She even gives us a few little meows to announce when she's entering the room. She comes over if we call her for pets and purrs very loudly. She loves to headbutt our hands and rub on our legs. She hops up onto the couch with us from time to time, as well. Oh, and she LOVES belly rubs!
She's still a bit shy and will leave the room pretty quickly of you make loud noises or move too fast - but she always comes back in a few minutes.
As far as our dog goes, things are going well there too! They aren't exactly best friends yet, but introducing them went very smoothly. They are easily in the same room together with no problems from either of them. Ave is still very curious about Kimber and will stalk her from time to time

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hi!  This is Monte and Maya!  We’re writing to you just after our first birthday.  Maya wanted to type this, but I won the mouse toss.  Besides, her spelling is bad!

We just turned one a few days ago.  New Mommy let us have a tiny little bit of ice cream to celebrate.  Now we consider it our right to have ice cream every night so we beg her for it.  So far it’s only working part of the time – we will be persistent and train her eventually.

New Mommy is pretty nice.  I like her a lot.  Maya is still deciding.  I tried to convince her, but so far she’ll only sniff a finger or a toe, then run away.  You can see her picture where she’s under the chair – she feels safe there.  New Mommy doesn’t try to make her leave – she will come out in her own time.  Maya will come out to play games with New Mommy or get ice cream, and of course at breakfast and supper times when the food is being prepared!  We LOVE food!  We can’t get enough of it, so New Mommy can’t leave any around.  There’s 2 machines that give us dry food twice a day – I’m always hungry way before the machine goes off, so I bug New Mommy pretty loudly to remind her it’s almost time to eat.  She tells me it’s not time yet, but I don’t wear a watch, so what do I know, so I keep reminding her.  I just know what my tummy tells me!  Then New Mommy gives us wet food that is soooo yummy!  Maya and I have gotten pretty big.  I’m 11.5 lbs and Maya is just under 10 lbs.  New Mommy is trying to make sure we don’t get too big!
Oh, I like New Mommy pretty good.  See me on her lap?  I’m pretty comfortable there and spend my time there when I’m not eating.  Or playing with mousies – New Mommy gave us a lot of mousies and a tall tree perch to scratch and sit on and lots of covered beds to nap in.  Of course our favorite place is where we she doesn’t want us to be – the kitchen sink.  New Mommy tells me to get out of the sink every night!  You’d think she’d have learned by now – I’m still training her.

Oh, and she’s taken up something called cro-shay-ing…  I don’t know what it is, but all of a sudden there was a comfy blanket!  See it in the picture with both of us?  There’s lots of yarn around sometimes, but we’re not allowed to play with it.  We snuck some once and threw up pretty bad – now she hides it better.  Too bad – it was fun.  New Mommy tries to distract us from the yarn with the Rainbow Cat Dancer toy – still Maya’s favorite.  I like it, too, but Maya hogs it.  She lays on her back and tries to swat it in the air.

Anyway, we just wanted to write and say thank you for saving us and thank you for New Mommy.  We hope you are doing well and maybe one day we’ll come to visit you!

Monte and Maya

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gato a.k.a. Waldo

Gato has adapted very well to his new home.  He is a perfect companion and addition to our family. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Spice (formerly Spicey)

 Spice, (formerly Spicey), is doing wonderfully. She always has to be in the middle of the action, so even though I'm awake at 3am she's on my lap as I'm writing.

The Fluff, as we usually call her, has become extremely vocal and affectionate with us, but is now a little reserved around guests, which of course makes us feel proud that she has such an obvious preference for us. Her unique little quirks--like rearing on her hind legs for attention, "kissing," nestling against us under the covers in bed, and using an incredible vocabulary--entertain and delight us every day. She is quite the insistent lap cat, and her motor is almost always running, but she can turn on a dime and become surprisingly playful. She is known to race around the house at lightning speed and paw at the window blinds to look outside. Everyone who meets her loves her amazingly soft fur and sweet disposition. She is rather spoiled, and we'll certainly be celebrating her birthday next month.

Writer now called Autumn Sunshine

Writer (renamed Autumn Sunshine!), is doing great. 


It's been just a bit over two years since I brought Bella home to live with me.  Her very favorite activity is curling up on my chest and going to sleep.  Everyone who meets her loves her, and she loves everyone back. Anyone sitting down is considered fair game as far as their lap is concerned.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Rusty (now named Trophy)

 Rusty (now named Trophy) is the most social, affectionate, and feisty cat I've ever owned. He's the perfect cat! You can tell he was raised in an amazing and loving home, he is so trusting and happy. He loves my 5 yr old son. Since he's been here he has adopted another puppy sibling and they are SO cute together.  I think he thinks he's a dog too, and Loves to play fetch! He's better at it than my dog

Francie (previously Coco)

 Francie (previously Coco), she is doing soooooo great and has completely come out of her shell!  She gets along great with Thomas, her new 14 year old brother.

She brings us so much joy and she is such a ham, the personality on her is too darn cute.   She has the tiniest little meows that are so endearing, and has taken to following me around like a little puppy dog.  If we are watching TV and I have to get up, she follows me to whatever business I have to do, the bathroom, the kitchen, and then follows me back downstairs. She is just such a sweetheart and I am so happy and thankful for the funny turn of events that lead us to being in each others lives.

Chantilly now Bella

Chantilly now Bella (not from twilight movie) is adjusting perfectly to her new home. She has all these new toys but her favorite toy is the crumbled up receipt. When shes has had enough pets she uses her paws to push our hand. This morning I woke up to her loud purr in my face. She also likes to lick our blanket, like until it is soaking wet. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Allie formerly Mina

We adopted Allie, formerly Mina, a month ago. After an initial period of much exploration, she has settled into a routine and feels safe,secure, and contented in her new home.] She run, run, runs up and down the stairs, plays with her toys, and patrols the windows looking for birds. Then she jumps on the bed for a long nap. My husband and I feel our own sense of contentment when we pet her or pick her up and hear her purring. Loudly! She may never be a lap cat, but she is a loving cat and a loved cat.


 Mellow is a LOVE, an absolute love. He can be so huggable lovable 1 minute, then he’s leaping in the air, doing flips, chasing toys, sliding across tables !!  Boy, he loves to run.  The house is clearly his castle.  He bonded well with Izzy, my oldest cat of 16 yrs.  There is a mutual respect.  If he tries to chase her, she just turns & stares at him, and he just moves on, looking for a new target.  Gabby, my 10 yr Tortie was going to be the ‘problem cat’ I thought.  No, they’re actually getting to be great pals. 

Now, I originally got Mellow so my 2 yr Mocha would have a playmate.  Well, Mocha isn’t having any of it, yet.  It might be his size.  She’s very tiny.  But every day she seems to hiss less, and has become more curious about him, studying him as he plays.  These 2 are really so similar in habits & interests, once she trusts him more, I believe they’ll be very close.    

In the meantime, he suns himself in the recliner, plays with gabby, and cleans all the cat bowls for me. 

I wouldn’t trade him for the world !!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


 Andrew I doing great in his new home

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Maddox and Dooley (a.k.a. Phantom)

It has been exactly 2 weeks since Maddox and Dooley went home. Dooley is now named Phantom due to the neat coloration of his face, he looked a bit like Phantom of the Opera mask. In the 2 weeks such an enormous change is seen in both cats and they are adjusting to our home life wonderfully.  
They started out a bit rough with Maddox not wanting to even have Phantom near him or walk near him. Phantom was very nonchalant about it all and just did whatever he wanted. Maddox was equally as shy and would hiss at myself and the children if they came up too close to him. However...in just 2 weeks time, they are currently sleeping aside each other as they have each night this week on top of my bed. They play with each other, Maddox instigating it as often as Phantom. Maddox is truly a mushy kitty cat. He licks us and talks to us all the time and wants to be patted and rubbed constantly. Phantom lays in our laps quietly purring. They both are warming up to the children more and more each day. No longer do we have incidents of hissing or scratching. Maddox is beginning to trust in us and our routine and that he will be here forever. He believes he's hit the jackpot. 
They both would rather our dogs didn't exist and they have let our dogs know this several times by swatting them and hissing at them. Our dogs are finally getting the lesson. Hopefully over time they will be on a bit warmer terms but they've got loads of time for that. I cannot tell you enough how happy we were to have found such wonderful pets for our family.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Pacino and Milo

Pacino is amazing, I love him, he loves me, Milo loves him and he tolerates Milo. 
Chino cuddles with me in bed almost every night. He’s so adorable. I’m going to attempt his first Christmas picture over the weekend. Hope he likes Santa hats and scarfs.  
Merry Christmas to all of you there at POA. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


It has been 3 days since Forest was adopted and he is such a sweet boy! We were all a little unsure of his temperament when we were looking at him but he has made humongous strides in just this short period of time. The first two hours we had him, he staked out a spot under our oil tank and hid. We managed to coax him out and show him his litter box, food and get some belly rubs in! We were sure it was going to take longer for him to get comfortable with us but he slept in our bed that same evening! He has made amazing improvements already and loves lying in his cat tower and playing with his new toys and
brushing against his bristle stand! He follows me around like a dog and is always ready for treats or to get some loving.