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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


It's only been a day, but I was very excited when Andre spent some time out of the closet to hang out with me -- he has been enjoying lots of head butting and pets. He has been purring, which is a good sign!!
He has hung out in the closet mostly, but I think that's what he's used to. He comes out when he sees me and i sit on the floor.  He is very skittish with unfamiliar noises. But good progress in the last 24 hours! Yes, it's been slow, but I'm learning his ways. I am hoping he will be able to hang outside the closet on his own at some point!


I've had Maeby for 2 weeks now and we have been really settling in well together. She's so cuddly but getting very playful. She really just tried to be in as much contact with me as possible. I'm totally in love.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Heathcliff and Smokey


Konfetti (A.K.A Nefertiti)

Konfetti is loving her furever home. We celebrated her 3 monthiversary last week with cookies for dinner! She also took a beautiful fall photo to share with you all at the shelter!
Konfetti is so happy and I'm so happy to have her! It was an awesome fit.