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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sasha and Belinda

Just a little update on how Sasha and Belinda are doing! They're getting along great, if Belinda isn't washing herself she's washing Sasha and of course Sasha can only tolerate this for so long. They wrestle all afternoon and sleep all morning, only after they've woken me up to feed them though. The also love to run around in the middle of the night making all kinds of noise playing together, I swear Sasha never runs out of energy! We've started calling Belinda, Pound Cake, since she's the heaviest densest cat I have ever picked up, she's definitely gained some weight since she left the shelter.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Peaches 'N Cream

 Peaches and Buffy in my lap, something that happens every night
This feral cat was showing up at my doorstep daily so I started feeding her, making sure she had both wet and dry food.  I named her Peaches 'N Cream.  She never allowed me to get close to her.  This went on for over a year and a half.  After the loss of my beloved Rusty, I found myself wanting to save her and make her a part of my family.  I called POA and Judy trapped her shortly thereafter for me.  She was returned to me within a week, all set to go and spent about 6-7 weeks in the basement, not wanting to join me and my Princess Buffy Angora.  Peaches had a bed of her own and a litter box in the basement she instinctively used.  I would go downstairs and read to her every night, make eye contact (using the Jackson Galaxy eye blink), hoping she would get used to the sound of my voice and feel safe enough to venture upstairs. 
Peaches at home, happy and healthy on the couch
It was News Year Eve when she finally made an appearance in the living room, in awe of the lights, the sound of the television, and a fire in the fireplace. Over time, she came to trust me and actually stay upstairs.  I bought a cat tree for her to claw and she settled in Buffy's cat bed.  Not to worry, Buffy has plenty of beds.  Over time and with patience and love, Peaches is now a lap cat that loves to be petted and combed.  She has no desire to even go outside; I think she knows how safe she truly is here.  Both Peaches and Buffy settle in my lap every night and get along together.  Buffy is 16 years old with a new buddy of her own.  It's truly amazing that this feral cat is now a loving part of my family.  
I have Judy and POA to thank for this,
 Janet Grous

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Clarence (a.k.a. Cheddar)

Cheddar was renamed Clarence and is doing well! He gets along great with the other cats, he doesn't like the dogs still but is learning to coexist. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Benny was adopted this past Saturday. So far, so good. He's settling in nicely in his forever home. He is the sweetest kitty. We found this sign in a drawer, we have had for years, it was foreshadowing our future kitty. Looks just like our Benny.
We want to thank Benny's foster mom for taking such good care of him, he's a little less velcro now! He is the best snuggler, he even lets us hold him on his back like a

Jaden now Maggie

As you can see, Maggie has made herself very comfortable since taking over our home two months ago.  She has a good appetite.  When she is not sleeping, she can be very mischievous.  She loves her toys.  She is the first cat that I have had that wants her belly rubbed - very affectionate kitty.  We were concerned that she might not get along with our chocolate lab, but our fears have disappeared.  They are very tolerant of each other and get along just fine

We love Maggie and are very happy that she is part of our family.  We recommend your facility to anyone looking for a new kitty.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Oggie now Finnegan

Oggie has been renamed Finnegan and as you can see from the attached pictures he has become very comfortable here with our other cat, Lillie. She is very patient with him as he will randomly pounce on her and push her out of the way for cuddling. They often sleep together and clean each other.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Vanilla (a.k.a . Koko)

My husband and I would like to thank you for allowing Koko to adopt us.
He is a very special cat. He is so gorgeous/handsome and such a sweet gentle boy. 
Koko is doing great. I have gotten lots of face bumps,  and my husband has fed him dry food out of his hand. There has not been one hiss, growl or scratch from him. 
We were given his bed to take home with us. He didn't go in that, but decided to use the Animal Planet brand larger squishy bed that is on a blanket chest in there. He has a window right there to look out of. 
Yesterday he escaped from the room and headed downstairs and was face to face with his new sister Spyder. There was not one growl or hiss from either of them. He jumped into a couple of other cat beds to check them out  then headed back up to hide in back of the big cedar chest on the top landing. That is where Spyder would hide when she needed to "get away". 
Spyder is just like her new brother. She is shy and nervous when something is new or different. This was a match made in heaven. 
I kept Koko in the bathroom last night and when I opened the door this morning, Spyder ran in. Koko was in his bed and they just looked at each other. I left the door open and as I was putting fresh food up there, Koko walked past me and went downstairs and looked around. There was another stare down, that's it. Back up he went.
​ ​
Somehow he got the bedroom door open and went in there, under the bed, and came out when he was ready to. 
We just adore him and are so thankful to have him as a part of our family.


Churchill and I spent the afternoon in nearly complete silence in the TV room...reading and hiding for the first couple hours (you decide who was doing which thing).  Then Churchill came out first to the chair by window and then to drop on my feet where he stayed for at least an hour; he even purred a little.  Of course whenever I reenter the room, we have to go through the run and hide thing again, but he has plenty of time to get more confident.
It amazed me that he became semi-acclimated so quickly.  I will continue to take things slowly and quietly.  We will be a good match. 


First day he is out in the daylight. He has been playing since one this morning. What a wonderful day!! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Joel is semi-comfortable in "his" room. He has two beds in there and likes to use them. One of them was just upgraded to a new ped-pedic bed. Fancy!  He sure does enjoy his massages, and lets us hold him while enjoying a belly rub, or 20. He always purrs during his time with us! He likes to move about the room and explore, but usually when we are not in there. However, treats are our friends in getting him to come out and say hello.

Friday, February 6, 2015


Princess Leia (also known as "bull dog") watching TV last night. I was watching TV and she went over and sat in front of the TV so I turned on the "So Cute" kitten channel and she was fascinated by the kittens running all over and getting into trouble just as she does.  Then she tried to help my son play his video game with her paw.

Monday, February 2, 2015


  Chloe, adopted on January 3rd, she is blossoming into an adorable spaz with a thing for shoes. She made it on Cute Overload today and POA got a mention.

Bella (Crawford)

The most recent picture of Bella aka Crawford. 
She is doing great, growing fast and her level of energy doesn't go down. 

Oreo a.k.a Alex

Oreo (formerly Alex) enjoying his new forever home.