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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hunter and Hershey

 It's been a week since I adopted my new Pals Hunter and Hershey. We are all adjusting quite well.  

Buddy (Royal)

 Here are some pictures of Buddy (Royal).  We love his so much.  He has been the best addition to our family we could ever ask for.  He is a wonderful kitten and has brought us so much joy.

Nikolai (Niki) formerly Walter

Things are going great with Niki .His foster mom know she did a fabulous job..he is so affectionate & well adjusted. He has a new buddy , they are fast friends and are exactly the same age. It was meant to be. Niki has a silly side  and  loves to play with water. I cant keep the water bowls filled and  he comes running when he hears the shower!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nina (aka Eleanor)

Nina (aka Eleanor) is still a petite girl but has filled out weight-wise. She is a playful, energetic lady with a mind of her own. She is independent but will still let me rub her belly and kiss her nose. She loves to watch the birds on the feeder from the window or from the deck (I have a harness/leash for her so she can't go far). She runs to greet me at the door every day when I get home from work.

Apache a.k.a Phoenix

We adopted Apache, a little black kitten, in June. Apache is now named Phoenix and he has settled into his new home very well.  He was part of the family from the minute we brought him home.  He gets along very well with his big sister Misty (2 year old cat) and they play together all the time. He loves my kids and has decided my 11 year old is his mommy.  We love him very much and are so happy we added him to our family


I adopted Lily back in June of this year, she's now 6 almost 7 months. Her family and I ADORE her so much. She's brought so much joy to our house and she's just exactly what we needed ever since our cat, Manola, who we had for 15 happy year with before she passed away. Lily is a very happy cat, she's extremely crazy, she's loveable, and a purry purr machine.

Friday, September 16, 2016


Just wanted to let you know how Ivy is doing. We adopted her back in July and she has been a perfect addition to our family. She is fantastic with my kids and will sit with them  and never scratches. She is the perfect mix of play and cuddles. She loves our dog and tries to attack her bushy tail. Her and our other female cat get along well. Recently she has started sleeping with me every night. Where ever you are in the house she comes to visit. Thank you for caring for her. We love her!!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Jack and Jill

These two cats have been great in transitioning into their new home and family. They are very much a part of the family and are such great pets for these two little girls- Very loving and very tolerant of children's hands. 
They play great together and are wonderful company for each other. They are especially loving and cuddly with us at bedtime and when they wake us up in the morning
We've also renamed them 'Jack and Jill' which our oldest daughter proudly came up with... 
Jill still quite a bit smaller than Jack but she is often found trying to eat his food portion after hers is gone. I think she'll catch up to him!