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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Callie (Gidget)

Callie (formerly known as Gidget) has been doing well since coming home in October. Our other cat has not been enthralled with the new addition, but there is plenty of room for both of them and the dog. She's just as happy to have winter over, spending lots of time checking out the window views. Callie is very active and playful, enjoying her toys whether it's the laser point or aluminum foil balls. When she is worn out, she enjoys a good lap or snuggle, especially if it means some ear scratches. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Colbie, Ghost and Brie

Ghost and I thought we might send a quick email back to our extended family at POA. We paused our trip just about as soon as we got started toward our new home.It turned out to be a happy surprise, Petco. Our new parents pushed us around in the cart and we saw many new and beautiful things, also a few stinky dogs. We decided to just keep calm and enjoy the scenery, as the pretty woman seemed to be mostly in charge of what went on. We were almost out the door to the parking lot when the man went back to pick out a tree made of carpet and wood. The shopping cart was already too full and he had to lug it out to the car on his back amidst a series of moans and groans. When we got home, the pretty one cleared a spot in front of the window to make room for the tree. I didn't realize how smart she was until the big yellow ball in the sky made my fur and the carpet get warm, this morning. I think Ghost likes it very much too.
They have a blue plastic doughnut with a ball inside that defies all of our reasoning. Despite hours of trying, we have failed to remove the ball. It goes round and round with both of us swatting it, but as of this writing, the ball remains uncaught. We are happy for the scratching posts of which there are 3. We have used them intermittently to fool the tall ones into believing that their couch is safe from attack. We like the food here and find the water is as good POA. The litter in our pooping box is much softer here and we are happy for that. 
We enjoyed watching TV from the couch last night while we sought near continuous petting. I doubt we will ever tire of the petting and we have been lucky to find a good set of petters. They have started calling my sister Brie. We are not sure if the name will stick so no protesting for now. We found our way into the bedroom this morning and climbed up onto the bed. It felt like walking on a cloud. We didn't spend that much time on the comforter as the pillows are even softer and warmer. I like to see how close I can get my butt to the man's face.
We are happy and like our new home. Tell Martha we are pooping and drinking water and she should not worry about us. We are tired of having our pictures taken but feel that they might slack off eventually. I have a date with the carpet tree and will sign off for now. We both are thankful for having you look after us for these past weeks. We are finally home. 


P.S. Do you know why the new people want to name us both after cheese?