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Friday, December 27, 2013

Lucky Lacy Goes Home

Penny Update

How are you!  Little Penny graduated from obedience class last night! So, of course I wanted to send you some pictures of the big event. Penny's been doing pretty good, we're so proud! She learned a lot at class and is also getting an electric fence (from Gagnon's) next month so she can run and play in the yard with out a leash. She's been going to daycare about once a week and plays with most of my family and friends dogs very well! Included is also a picture of Penny with my friends puppy :) The last few pictures are just Penny snuggling, one of her favorite things to do! She's so stinkin cute! As for Chris and Penny, it's safe to say he is pretty much fallen completely for her at this point and now we have fun arguing over who she loves more (obviously its me haha). Hope all I well! Talk to you soon.

Sadie (Lena) Update

Good Morning! I cannot believe it has taken us this long to send some pictures of Sadie, you might remember her as Lena. My wife and I adopted her a little over a year ago and we wanted to send you a few pictures and let you know that she is doing great!
She has really been the perfect fit for us and we couldn't be happier and her big sister Annabelle loves having a playmate. When playtime is over you can guarantee Sadie will find one of us to snuggle up with. lol we encourage it!
Thank you again, POA is an amazing organization! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Update on Marvin

Marvin has become Wally and is doing really well!  It's amazing, he still has his shy moments, but has become VERRRY vocal. He has seamlessly slipped into his place in the pack. He's a love and, believe it or not, a bit of an instigator. He's usually the first to bark! He and Woosah are hilarious together. Most people think that they're from the same litter. I hadn't realized that they really are just about the exact same size. Wally is a bit longer. He loves to harass Sita, even more so than Woosah! We adore him and are so grateful to you and POA for bringing such a wonderful little guy into our lives!

Paco and His New Brother

Attached please find your sweetheart Paco sitting with his puppy brother Dino!   Dino was at the Hartford Pound in October,   it was his last day,  and we just had to take him!  Paco loves to play with him!  They race around the backyard together and Paco knocks him on the ground!  Then they get up and do it again!  As you can imagine,   Paco never leaves my side!  But his best friend by far is Chip!!
Merry Christmas Laura!  You are an angel!  Thank you so much for giving us Paco as I cant imagine life without him!!  

Friday, December 13, 2013

Molly (Ruby) Update!

 Ruby (Molly) is doing great!!! We are sooo happy together! And everyone just LOVES her!! I've attached some photos of her. She's really such a sweetheart And whomever she came from was so foolish to give her up. She's truly a GEM!!!! But their loss is definitely my gain...bc I am very lucky to have her!


Ruby Toosday Goes Home!

Charlie's New Family!

Gus Goes Home!

Gus is doing amazing!  I've attached photos of our recent trip to Long Island for Thanksgiving. He's a very happy guy :)

Ozzie gets a new home in time for Christmas!!

Oscar, The Celebrity at Vitas Hospice

My friend/neighbor Betty O'Reilly said she told you about Oscar being a celebrity making the front page of the Vitas Hospice Newsletter.  I have scanned the front page for you to see just how cute he is. 
Of course, I am not at all prejudice but I have to say some 3 years later that I am very much in love with this wonderful dog.  Medically, he is doing well and off all his meds.
He is quite the charmer at the Paradigm Nursing Home in South Windsor where we make weekly visits.  He loves to get on the patients beds while they feed him the biscuits that I supply.  He kisses and cuddles until he has had enough and then he looks at me with sad eyes saying "Rescue me, I have had enough".  Anyway, the staff and patients all love Oscar and he seems to enjoy all the fuss that they make over him.
Soon, Paradigm will have their Christmas Party and Oscar attends all there parties.  He will be in his Santa costume and walk proudly around the facility.
As always, I am so grateful to you and your facility for allowing me to adopt this wonderful dog.  Have a great holiday with your family.

Update on Chloe (Annie)

I'm so used to Tiara who will sit there pose for a picture. Chloe does not sit still! She is learning her tricks and absolutely loves to play with Tiara! She is so perfect for us we just love her! I plan on getting her groomed soon but she is so adorable. These pictures don't do her justice! I need to get some better ones to share with everyone!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lila and Venus - the frien-emies!!

I realized that it has been quite some time since I have submitted an update about Lila, and I don’t know that I have ever provided one for Venus. 

I adopted Lila from POA in March 2011.  At the time, her age was estimated at 15-17 years old.  As you can see from the 2 attached photos, she is still going strong, more than 2½ years later.  She is an absolute age-less wonder.  She has some bursts of energy where she runs around chasing a toy, which is just amazing.  She loves her treats, and she loves to snuggle.  Her favorite spot is lying on top of me while I’m sitting in the living room chair.  Other than her chronic (but managed by medication) hyper-thyroid condition, she is a picture of health.

It took some time, but Venus has adjusted to being in my home since I adopted her from POA in April 2013.  She is the neighborhood watch commander.  Her favorite spot is in the front window, where she watches birds, squirrels – and humans.  I think that she probably knows everything about everyone who lives in my neighborhood.  The photo that I have submitted is of one of my other cats, Dusty (on the left), and Venus (on the right).  Both are on neighborhood patrol.  I love this photo because, for years, Dusty would not come out of my bedroom.  She is now moving around the home with more confidence, and she and Venus are “frien-emies.”  They can share space, as long as they don’t get too close to each other.  

I am so happy and so blessed to have these cats in my life!

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays,
Sara Taylor

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bo Finds His New Home

Marvin Goes Home

Ollie Goes Home For Thanksgiving!

Allie's Photoshoot and Her New Family

Paco and Chippy!!

Elena (Bianca) and Her New Home

"Just wanted to send an update- I adopted Bianca in September 2010, renamed her Elena Kathryn. 
While she likes to bark a lot and has been a bad influence on our adopted cocker spaniel that showed up a month later, she is doing really well, and we still love her to pieces!!
She sleeps in bed snuggled up with me every night.
I have been fostering kittens for Our companions, and I am so thankful to adopters who send updates, so I thought I needed to send an update to you.  I LOVE my little girl."

Sir William (Sheldon) Goes Home

"Willie is doing much better - we are using a training collar on him and it is working very well. We took him on his 1st camping trip. He loved all the activity with the dogs, kids and people. He took a liking to a female poodle named "Lucky" and met another Corgi named "Penbrooke". He even slept in his own bed (like a rock) after all the exhausting days! We  were happy & relieved at how well he did."

Benny (Gogi) and His New Home

" We just wanted to let you know that our little Benny is doing great!   He fits right in and seems to be very happy.  He gets along well with Mackie.  When he plays, he bites Mackie and Mackie puts him in his place, but he bounces right back.  He hasn’t used the crate since about the 3rd day after we brought him home.  He has free roam of the house and we often find him sleeping (and snoring) happily on a pillow somewhere!
I bring both dogs to work with me once or twice a week and everyone just loves him and he loves the attention.   We found out that he does not like to travel in the car.  As soon as we put him in the car, he starts to drool profusely.  Even before we are moving he starts drooling, so I’m sure it is not a motion sickness, he is just afraid of the car.  We’re trying to get him used to it because we want to take both dogs on vacation with us in October.  I hope he gets over it soon.
He is getting trained this weekend on the Invisible Fence and then he will be able to run free in the yard with Mackie.
Thank you again for our little bundle of joy!   He’s so cute and so loveable.  He truly is bringing us so much enjoyment."  

Update on Morocco!

"Morocco is finally relaxing more and more! He loves the bed and ruffling up the covers when you aren't looking! And he loves looking out the window to see what's going on! I've put the photos in order of his first night with us until tonight. He needs some work in areas, but he really is a great dog. We are so happy to have him as part of our family.  :)"

April's Making Smiles!

"We wanted to share some photos of April with you. She's doing well and is a very happy little girl!  She's got such a funny personality!  I had a long, difficult day at work yesterday. When I got home, she ran all over the house, ecstatic that I was home!  When she finally calmed down, she jumped in my arms and just kept kissing me. My bad day just melted away!"

Keko Has Left The Building!!

"Things have been going really well. Alex and Gracie have been getting along. There have been some fights but that is to be expected. They have gotten along really well today on our hike.  
Keko has not tried to escape at all and has been really great on walks. Right now he is sleeping next to me on the couch, catching up on some z's after our long walk. I will send you a picture of him sleeping and some pictures from the past couple of days. We absolutely love him and we are so excited to have him in our family."

Mia (River) and Her New Home

"Things are going really well with Mia.  She has gained about 6 lbs and has gotten a little bit taller.  But we're pretty sure she's not going to be bigger than she is right now at 30 lbs.  She is a very feisty little girl.  She has eaten through 2 crate beds,  4 socks and a plethora of bones.  For the first week or so that we had her, I hiked with her (on leash) and Pacino.  After that, we've been hiking off leash 5 days a week.  She doesn't let Pacino or I out of her sight, which is very nice.  We usually walk with 4 other dogs, so there's quite a pack running through the woods, and she holds up very well with all the others.  She loves running and chasing and being chased!  She's definitely a good match for our family. 
She's made quite a few new friends! For some reason, when she gets out of control Pacino sits on her!"

Morocco's New Family

Abby and Her New Family

Chloe (Cutie) and Her New Family

"As you can see, Cutie really settled in with us, Winston and Gizmo.  They all get along really well although Gizmo wasn't too happy at first.  She definitely took over all of us and we are so happy that she found her forever home.  As you know, Winston was adopted from the Animal House in Waterford.  February will be 2 years and is now l0 years old.  Gizmo was also rescued and it's been 8 years .  As you can also see, we're letting her hair grow in for the winter which is absolutely beautiful.  So wavey! 
We can't tell you how very happy we are that she lives with all of us.  She has completely won us over with her happy, warm and "cute" disposition.  Again, thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt her."


Gracie Goes Home

Jessie And Her New Family

Snowflake (Pixie) and Kiera (Reese) happy in their new home!

Thanks for the call, I have been meaning to send a note on their behalf.  Both are doing great. 

Playing w Danny trying to do homework
Snowflake my 1 year old also has a name change to Pixie.  She is our "wild" one!  She loves to play and can't get enough.  She will bring toys to you if you stop playing.  She can also fall asleep while playing, she is adorable!  Pixie enjoys a "good ole fashion" full body rubbing/massage and will twist and turn and make sure you don't miss any part!  When she first came home she spent the first 1/2 day hiding up in a recliner chair.  Finally Reese encouraged her to come out and play which she did.  By day 2 she was roaming freely within the house.  She did not know how to climb stairs so on day 1 that evening when we all went up to bed she stayed at the bottom crying.  We carried her to the second floor.  She needed help learning how to climb stairs up and down, with down being more difficult.  She figured the stairs out in no time.  Slow but steady she would move up and down.  Pixie can not get enough of the fish in the fish tank.  Doesn't try to get them but loves to watch them from any angle.  Eating and sleeping without difficulty.  She has put on weight and now doesn't look as skinny. Loves to lay on people, walk on them and it doesn't matter who it is just anyone who will give her the attention. I had knee surgery shortly after we adopted the cats and Pixie was extremely attentive and was constantly on me laying and staying by my side when I moved from room to room.  She was patient and calm. (two words that don't often describe her!) She makes lots of noise and has a gerbil sound when she gets excited and/or is looking for you.  She can't sneak up on Reese because she squeals! Love her to death and we couldn't be more happy.

Natural position!
Following my surgery. I was sleeping.

Kiera my 3 yr old has a name change to Reese.  She is quiet, loves to drink from the faucet and can be found sleeping in any sink in the house if you can't locate her on her other 3 favorite spots, a bed, a couch and/or a cat bed placed on top of the dryer (which is located in our kitchen and is open to the room!)  She carries around stuffed animals a small gorilla and a bear and will often drop them by you, if you leave that area, she will get the toy and bring it with her.  Explored the house immediately upon arriving and climbed from top to bottom on EVERYTHING until she was content with what she found.  Eating and sleeping without any difficulty.  Likes to lay about by people when movement is occuring in the house.  Likes to be held and pet only on her head and face.  Don't reach for her lower back or stomach, growling will occur but no claws or teeth. She's a delight and beautiful and we are so happy to have her.
One sink I love
Both cats have adjusted well and are now natural parts of the family.  Over the holiday they met their extended people family and joined right in.  The both like each other sometimes Pixie is to much for Reese and she will growl and that will be the end of the interaction.  However, you can also find Reese laying around with Pixie cleaning her face.  Both are the cleanest cats!  I don't think my other cat ever washed herself this much.  They are such a joy to have. Thanks so much AGAIN to POA for allowing my family to adopt animals.  (These 2 are our 4th from POA) !
The Lester's  Dianne, Jim, Abbie, Danny