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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Maddox and Dooley (a.k.a. Phantom)

It has been exactly 2 weeks since Maddox and Dooley went home. Dooley is now named Phantom due to the neat coloration of his face, he looked a bit like Phantom of the Opera mask. In the 2 weeks such an enormous change is seen in both cats and they are adjusting to our home life wonderfully.  
They started out a bit rough with Maddox not wanting to even have Phantom near him or walk near him. Phantom was very nonchalant about it all and just did whatever he wanted. Maddox was equally as shy and would hiss at myself and the children if they came up too close to him. However...in just 2 weeks time, they are currently sleeping aside each other as they have each night this week on top of my bed. They play with each other, Maddox instigating it as often as Phantom. Maddox is truly a mushy kitty cat. He licks us and talks to us all the time and wants to be patted and rubbed constantly. Phantom lays in our laps quietly purring. They both are warming up to the children more and more each day. No longer do we have incidents of hissing or scratching. Maddox is beginning to trust in us and our routine and that he will be here forever. He believes he's hit the jackpot. 
They both would rather our dogs didn't exist and they have let our dogs know this several times by swatting them and hissing at them. Our dogs are finally getting the lesson. Hopefully over time they will be on a bit warmer terms but they've got loads of time for that. I cannot tell you enough how happy we were to have found such wonderful pets for our family.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Pacino and Milo

Pacino is amazing, I love him, he loves me, Milo loves him and he tolerates Milo. 
Chino cuddles with me in bed almost every night. He’s so adorable. I’m going to attempt his first Christmas picture over the weekend. Hope he likes Santa hats and scarfs.  
Merry Christmas to all of you there at POA. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


It has been 3 days since Forest was adopted and he is such a sweet boy! We were all a little unsure of his temperament when we were looking at him but he has made humongous strides in just this short period of time. The first two hours we had him, he staked out a spot under our oil tank and hid. We managed to coax him out and show him his litter box, food and get some belly rubs in! We were sure it was going to take longer for him to get comfortable with us but he slept in our bed that same evening! He has made amazing improvements already and loves lying in his cat tower and playing with his new toys and
brushing against his bristle stand! He follows me around like a dog and is always ready for treats or to get some loving.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Chino (a.k.a. Pacino)

Pacino , who I am calling Chino now, is transitioning just fine. Considering the long ride home we had, he only spoke when I spoke to him.  I think the cat treats he gobbled up helped. As soon as I opened the cat carrier inside my room, he was purring. He ate and drank water and used the liter box I had set up with no problems. He could hear my cat Milo at the door so I showed him a peak, no response, but I could tell Milo was happy. I swapped rooms with the cats and Chino was very busy sniffing and walking around discovery all the nooks and crannies of each room. I stayed with him and he gave me lots of head bumps and leg rubs. He used Milo’s liter box as well. Even had a drink and a snack at his food station too. The purring was constant which made me happy as well.His first night, I had his new bed at the bottom of mine but when I crawled in myself, he immediately joined me by my side and pretty much stayed there until he got up for a midnight snack and potty run and then went to his bed. He has spent time in each room and doesn’t like it when I lock him in but it needs to be a slow process. He’s been playing with his new toys and some of Milo’s as well. When both my boys are sleeping I leave the all the doors open and let Chino walk around while Milo sleeps. Every now and then Chino and Milo would spot each other. Milo surprised him (and me) by meeting him at the water bowl. Chino growled which Milo then walked away. I explained to Milo that food time, sleep time and bathroom time is sacred time. Milo has slept in Chino’s bed and Chino has slept in Milo’s basket. Let the male dominance begin….Last night, they both spent time with me in bed. This morning they both played in the kitchen with toys but not each other. Milo makes sounds like he wants to play with Chino but Chino is not ready for it yet. They spent their day separated today and will the rest of the week when I go to work. Saturday all doors are open and we’ll see what happens. I will be there to officiate over any disputes of course.